Online accounting, i.e. cost reduction!

Maintaining an internal accounting department as well as a human resources department and payroll administration accumulates additional costs. They are borne by the entire enterprise and result in the need to create new jobs, payment of wages, utility and premises fees, as well as expenses related to the settlement of invoices and their proper accounting. Oftentimes, external accounting proves to be a much better solution in such situations. Allow us to take care of your company’s accounting in its entirety and you will see the difference in time and money saved!

Why is it worth using the accounting services at the Kancelaria Centrum?

It is important to emphasize that we have been supporting entrepreneurs since 2013. Our company has been collaborating with a large group of regular customers for years and has been successfully able to influence their effectiveness of business activities. We generate profits while reducing costs. External accounting is an essential element in the infrastructure of any modern company. The advantage of accounting services in outsourcing is that the entrepreneur does not have to worry about state institutions having control over it or the hassles connected with Social Security Companies such as ZUS when hiring new employees. It is us who will be taking care of such formalities.

What do our accounting services offer and how much does it cost?

As an external company, we will provide you with access to the full body of knowledge we possess. Any contact you have with our company will be functional and efficient and you will appreciate our work in the first month of cooperation. We will take care of the current accounting of your company, handling employment, and any contact with offices.

We are characterized by our transparent prices and principles of cooperation:

  • starting from PLN 250 net per month - accounting services (limited liability companies, foundations, and associations),
  • starting from PLN 200 net per month – income and expenditure services (sole proprietorships, civil partnerships),
  • starting from PLN 35 net per month - HR and payroll services for the employee.

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Accounting books – PLN 250