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Professional support for individuals and companies!

Our mission?

We assist in the development of your business

Our company offers full service for entrepreneurs, from the address of the company's registered office to help in obtaining financing

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Virtual office

annual payment
200 zł
  • registration address
annual payment
39.99 PLN / mo
Paying in advance saves you: 240.00 zł!
  • correspondence address
  • receipt of correspondence
  • scanning of correspondence
  • e-mail notifications regarding correspondence
  • 24/7 online access to the Client Panel
annual payment
59.99 PLN / mo
Paying in advance saves you: 240.00 zł!
  • everything from the Start plan plus:
  • registration address
  • redirection of correspondence to an indicated address
most popular
annual payment
89.99 PLN / mo
Paying in advance saves you: 240.00 zł!
  • everything from the Standard plan plus:
  • access to legal and economic advice
  • text message notifications regarding correspondence
  • access to a meeting room - 6 hours a month
annual payment
199.99 PLN / mo
Paying in advance saves you: 600.00 zł!
  • everything from the Premium plan plus:
  • a landline number with any area code (redirection to a mobile phone)
  • registration of web domain
  • creation of the company's website
  • creation of e-mail addresses
  • preparation of a project and 500 business cards
  • addition of your company's logo to our building

Each plan is presented with its net price.

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Operating in the industry since 2013

We comprehensively deal with the finances of our clients

What does our company do? It's very simple - for years we have been assisting in ensuring the financial stability of private individuals and in the development of companies. We guarantee security in terms of legal transactions. Running a business is not always as simple and transparent as it may seem. Legal provisions are one thing, while their practical application is another.

Kancelaria Centrum was established with the goal of providing legal services to anyone who requires assurance in personal and corporate finances, as well as in running a business. Thanks to the proven BIK Report Clearing Service, consisting in referring to and citing banking law articles, we are able to help even in the most difficult situations. Our team is a group of specialists who are accustomed to the challenges our clients face.