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Taking it upon yourself to formalize a business is not an easy or pleasant process. In this respect, it is worth using the assistance of specialists to establish your company. However, your venture does not have to be difficult when choosing the option to buy a shelf (ready-made) company. Sounds interesting? In fact, after meeting the appropriate conditions, this is one of the most effective ways to run a business, especially from the perspective of more experienced entrepreneurs. What’s more, it is by far the most convenient and, above all, the fastest way to generate profits. The purchase of a shelf company reduces customer involvement almost to a minimum.

Is it worth buying a shelf limited liability company?

The purchase of a shelf entity is characterized by many positive aspects in terms of running a business, the most important of which are:

  • immediate readiness for management after purchase,
  • effectiveness in obtaining financing, state subsidies, as well as loans thanks to work experience or history,
  • ensuring increased credibility with contractors,
  • possession of KRS, NIP, REGON, VAT,
  • the possibility of taking over the entity with a bank account or a specific concession.
Why is it worth using our services when buying a company?

Our cooperation does not end with the purchase of the company. We offer a range of comprehensive services that will help you in growing your business. With our assistance, you do not have to rent an expensive office, because our Virtual Office will allow you to focus solely on your business activities. It is us who will be responsible for receiving your correspondence, informing you about it, and doing all of the formalities that you simply should not waste time on. Our Accounting service will also generate your savings. How? Internal human resource departments and payroll administrations are an investment that rarely pays off. Both require the fulfillment of many formalities that you can just leave to us. We will handle your company's financial settlements, taxes, as well as support your employees!

We also handle company changes which concern partners, the management board, the address, the registered office, the capital size, etc. The costs of such changes start from as low as PLN 300 net.

We collaborate with EuroCert

Our company sets up a qualified signature for foreign clients, which makes it possible for people without an identification number (PESEL) to establish or buy a company online. The entire process can be performed remotely, without the need to visit our country. Please contact us for more information.

Interested in a quick establishment of your company? Looking to set up a company for financing purposes? Contact us and we will adjust the offer to your needs!

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